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Thank you to all our historic customers. After many years we are now permanenyly closed

Why workshops ?

Workshops are a way of either putting into practice your existing skills, or for learning a specific new method or use of equipment and materials. They are often designed to complement each other during a particular term, or consolidate previous learning.

What Medium do you use ?

We offer subject to minimum numbers

  • ACRYLIC - ACRYLICS & OILS because of their substance are all day workshops otherwise Art with Class workshops are normalyl morning workshops.
  • OILS

Some subjects may take a little longer to complete so you will notice all workshops are between 3 - 6 hours with lunch breaks for any over 3 hours.

We always aim to complete a painting during the allotted time.

Can I extend the time of my workshop ?

Yes, if time permits we can arrange 121 individual or group tuition directly after the event you attend. Extra Help—If you feel you would like to kick start a project, or are interested in just receiving extra tuition on a personal basis, contact us! We regularly provide 1 to 1 personal Adult sessions to achieve particular objectives or goals.

What type of art workshop do you run ?

A subject based workshop involves at least one demonstration, and either follows the tutor painting, or detailed instruction is given on how to produce the themed subject. A technique or materials based workshop includes instruction and tutored practice time. Several cameos can be achieved in these workshops. Both are designed to develop your individual painting skills and are fully tutored to help you achieve your best.

Who are the art with Class workshops suitable for ?

The style and lively delivery of the professional tutor means that these are suitable for all adults.

What is included?

We can if required provide all materials (paints, paper, canvas, boards, etc), use of all equipment, full tuition, and tea or coffee within these artist workshop packages so all you have to remember is the date, time and packed lunch where appropriate! Do let us know on booking if you wish to take this option and we will provide the overall price.

Can I buy gift vouchers for these painting events ?

Yes, we are pleased to offer vouchers for any of our events.

These are priced as half day vouchers so if you wish to attend an all day event you just use two vouchers.

Specific voucher values are also available on request.

We can either email or post these to you.

I am disabled, can you teach me?

As many disabled people keep reminding us, all they want to do is as many normal daily things as possible. We can and have taught at a number of specialist centres to enable many disabled people to enjoy the magic of painting. In certain circumstances we also offer one to ones at individual’s homes to cater for specific needs. Due to building access limitations, which it is not possible to change, we offer access for disabled but this does depend on the level of disability. Should a disabled group wish to have lessons but have no accommodation we will try to use local venues to help achieve the group’s needs.

Can children attend?

We provide adult education which means attendees must be a minimum of 16 years but we do provide 121 private sessions for children;